Karolína Spálenská


From Prague to Stará Boleslav

The pilgrimage route from Prague to Stará Boleslav is the Czech eldest pilgrimage route. We can find its beginning in the 10th century and it is connected to Saint Wenceslaus, the duke of Bohemia, who was assassinated by his brother Boleslav I.
In the 17th century Jesuits let built 44 chapels on this route, each in a distance of 500 meters. The chapels looked all the same with their dimensions of 5x1,1x0,3 m, but the decoration was different. Nowadays we can find 18 of these chapels. Some of them are lost in fields, others are absorbed by the city or by a rush road between Prague and Stará Boleslav.
In my project, I focus on the renovation of the Czech eldest pilgrimage route not only as a religious path but as a means of travel through landscape, learning about history, new places, and one’s own. I connect baroque chapels with a new pathway following a historic footprint and I design a few new places that could help the pilgrim perceive the surrounding landscape differently.