Bianka Hudáková



The Groove worktable was created in response to the current trend of home office, which has emerged in recent months, due to pandemic restrictions. The design aims to organize and improve the workspace in a playful way. The workspace user has the opportunity to co-create the final form by selecting and placing various types of organizers and holders. There is currently six of them and their number will increase over the time. Among the important influences on the final design is the idea of easy transport and foldability. The foldability was achieved in the basic construction of the table, its individual parts are connected by using a metal coupling and anchored with screws. The organizer would be transported in an unfolded position to save space. The perforation on the planned bends then allows the components to be assembled according to the instructions. The current trend of changeability and quick changes is behind the variable demands on the workspace. This aspect takes design into the consideration and is compensated by the possibility of modifying the accessories.