Karolína Petřeková


Public toilet

My goal was to come up with an aesthetically attractive and different solution from mostly very similar and stereotypical realizations of public toilets. To do this, I used the developing technology of 3D printing from concrete, which offers interesting shape options and fast, easy production. Thanks to mobile robots, the object can be created on site without the need for complicated transport. The shape of the structure evokes the symbol of infinity just as the need to use the toilet is an infinite part of our lives. For the interior, I designed atypical equipment such as a toilet paper / towel dispenser and a sink cabinet with a built-in waste bin. The interior and exterior elements are made of durable stainless steel in anthracite. I chose a sliding door on a rail, which copies the shape of the structure and does not disrupt its continuity. Ventilation openings are located above the door. The interior lighting is solved both by modern LED strips around the perimeter of the walls and by natural lighting from a skylight made of frosted glass, which adds airiness to the space and one does not feel cramped inside the concrete walls.