Jan Trpkoš



The monastery in Plasy, the pilgrimage church of the Annunciation in Mariánská Týnice, the farmyard in Hubenov and the chapel of the Name of the Virgin Mary in Mladotice. These are important places kissed by Santini's hand, which, along with other interesting places, are scattered and spread out in the Plasky landscape like pearls from a broken necklace, waiting for one day to be put on a thread that connects them and makes them shine again. This work deals with the connection of important places in the landscape through new, extinct or existing structures with an emphasis on preserving, underlining, strengthening or creating drama, visual axes, diversity and biodiversity in the landscape. The work seeks a dialogue between the spiritual and agricultural landscape. Furthermore, the seeking and renewal of an ancient trace of the old Plaská road and its connection to the surroundings are processed here.