Kateřina Beránková & Anežka Vonášková


Re(vision) of Landscape

Utopias seem to be much more feasible than previously thought. And so today we are faced with a question that depresses us in a completely different way: How do we determine the final realization? Utopia is feasible. Life goes into utopia. And perhaps a new century is beginning. The century in which intellectuals and educated classes will dream of avoiding the utopia and returning to the non-utopian society less perfect, but freer. (Nikolai Berdyaev)

All we can do is be brave and get out of the routine. We can dream, play, create, ask provocative questions, and seek answers in the thoughts of philosophers, in the discoveries of scientists, and the creative minds of ourselves. We decided to stay here on EARTH. We bring a project, a redesign and a vision of a new settlement on Earth.