Whitout Borders


After last year,

we decided to change the concept of the announcement quite a bit. Our idea was to allow for greater coherence between the jury and the students. From something elitist, from a formal gala like evening, to make something rather friendly and shared among everyone. We wanted to take the opportunity to have a jury that has a lot to pass on to our young students. We want to listen to the experience of their practice.

We hoped that the situation would allow us to have a great day full of lectures taking place at our faculty - the place where we are used to absorbing all information.

Unfortunately, these covid times did not allow us to proceed with this idea, and we had to adapt. Everything must take place online. We took this as a challenge and an opportunity to address architects and designers from abroad, who for the first time are not limited by the fact that they would have to come to Prague in person.

It's great that we managed to put this all together with CAMP - Center for Architecture and Urban Planning, and for the first time in the history of Olověný Dušan, we have the opportunity to introduce you to an international jury.

We hope that we will manage to meet the goal we set at the beginning of the last semester - to bring the jury closer to the students and use the potential that we are associated with such great architects and designers who have a lot of precious experience!